Our Team

Taxconsultant Sylvia Born

Entry: 09/1989
Tax consultant since 10 February 2004
Designated for partnership
Gives help and advice in all circumstances
Handles balances and difficult cases
Approved in auditing
English spoken



Heike Schulz

Entry: 07/1980
Qualified tax employee
Highly qualified employee
Focus: annual balance sheets, specialist for small limited
companies, corporation tax, experienced in tax auditing
Instructor for apprentices
English spoken



Michael Schnappauf

Entry: 04/1984
Qualified tax employee
The all-rounder for accountancy, §4 (3) EStG (Income Tax
Act), calculation of profits, preparation of balance sheets



Holger Großmann

Entry: 04/1990
Tax business administrator, in preparation for the tax
consultant examination
He is the right person for difficult questions about tax
Approved in auditing.
Speciality: limited companies and real estate business
English spoken



Timo Schmuck

Wage, accountancy.
Our computer expert, helps anyone in the office in case of
computer problems. Competent for updates etc., also
experienced in on-site client issues.
English spoken



Daniela Großmann

Entry: 08/2002
Qualified tax employee
Very talented young professional
Income tax, book-keeping
Works in the divisions of Mrs Schultz and Mrs Born
English spoken


Angelika Wagner

Entry: 09/2002
Reception and administration
Personal secretary to the CEO, responsible for all secretarial
English spoken



Pavlina Demir

Entry: 03/2008

cesky mluvící



Tanja Cammans

Entry: 08/2011
Qualified tax employee



Carmen Reinhardt

Entry: 08/2015
Qualified tax employee