Tax consultancy for private persons

We create your income tax declaration and consult you about everything regarding taxes. 


  • Calculation of profitability for property purchases (real estate)
  • Organization of property sale
  • Examination of financial investments (property, ships, wind farms, media-films, etc.)
  • Check-up of tax assessments, legal remedy, actions
  • Request of child-care allowance, unemployment benefit, social benefits etc.

Income Tax

  • Preparation of income tax returns for tax payers subject to restricted and
    unrestricted taxation, with all forms and documents (hiring/leasing, capital
    assets, other income, private gain on disposal, etc.)
  • Calculation and examination of severance payment and suchlike
  • Calculation of proviso safeguarding progression for wage indemnity
    respectively foreign income
  • Examination of self-provided tax declaration


Typical procedure of a tax declaration

  • Counselling interview and take-over of documents
  • Elaboration on the computer. Additional questions arise.
  • Enquiring the client, if necessary request for further documents
  • Explanations and delivery to the client for signing, treatment and control by tax consultant or executive employee

Inheritance Tax 

  • Consultancy in case of anticipated succession for operational and private assets
  • Preparation of inheritance and gift tax returns, determination of tax burden, and determination of values in each case.