Since March 1975 the office has been working together with the DATEV eG, the
biggest software provider for tax consultants in Germany. The DATEV eG and our
other partner CDS Griese keep us always up-to-date.

Law and notary office Frangipani and Colleagues

CEO Jan Gillig, lawer
Notary for limited liabi lity corporation  contracts, sales contracts, contracts of landed
properties and houses
Eschersheimer Landst raße 331
60320 Frankfurt am Main
Telephone: 069/ 59 80 24

There are further cooperative connections with experts in the fields of:

  • Management consultancy
  • Crisis management
  • Foundation and subsidy consultancy
  • Finance and insurance consultancy
  • Strategic Marketing Consulting (read more…)

Furthermore we cooperate with qualified lawyers in the following domains:

  • Cases concerned with tax law
  • Law on criminal prosecution for tax offences

  • REWE –  Kanzlei Rechnungswesen (office accountancy)
  • EO classic – Kosten Honorare Aufträge (costs, fees orders, organization of
    documents, central administration of master data)
  • LEXinform – Steuerrechtsdatenbank (database of tax law)
  • BIBER – Bilanzbericht Abschlusserstellung (balance report, preparation of
    financial statements)
  • ANLAG – Anlagevermögensverwaltung (management of capital assets)
  • LODAS – Lohn und Gehalt für Windows (wage and salary for Windows)
  • EST – Einkommensteuer (income tax)
  • UST – Umsatzsteuer (sales tax – VAT)
  • GEWST – Gewerbesteuer (commercial tax)
  • KST – Körperschaftssteuer (corporate tax)