Tax consultancy for companies and freelancer



  • Consultancy of general managers of limited liability corporations
  • Fiscal consultancy when purchasing or selling real estates
  • Child benefit, unemployed persons,Ich-AG (small business on one´s own
  • Examination of tax bills
  • Legal remedy for any kind of private or company tax
  • Representation in all tax and fiscal court cases
  • Completion of the questionnaire for fiscal registration
  • Assistance with auditing
  • Business set-up conversion (reorganization)
  • Company pension scheme/pension commitment/maintenance fund etc.
  • Support in case of self-accusation of tax evasion


    • Accountancy as per DATEV system special standard chart of accounts Skr
      03 and special standard chart of accounts for occupational groups
      (physicians, health care homes etc.)
    • Electronic cash accounting with the DATEV system
    • Electronic banking with the account statement management program of
    • Investment accounting
    • Transfer of electronic data of other systems via DATEV interface
    • Transfer of data records of other systems via DATEV interface from billing
      programs (e.g. Lexware, KKG, etc.)
    • Preparation of sales tax (VAT) advance return
    • Recording and analysis of pre-allocated bookkeeping records

Payroll Accountancy

  • Payroll for wages and salaries with the DATEV system
  • Calculations for special cases (tax benefits such as vehicle use, benefits in
    kind, room and board, wage renouncement as part of the old-age pension
    scheme, and much more)
  • Preparation of notifications to hospitals and revenue offices (report of wage
    tax, statement of contributions paid, annual return for pension insurance,
    application for refunding after continuation of wage payments, etc.)
  • Printout of checks, bank transfers, lists etc. concerning the wage sector
  • Assistance in wage tax auditing
  • Assistance in social security auditing through the LVA (state insurance

 Annual Financial Statement 

    • Preparation of opening and closing balance sheets for sole proprietorship, joint partnerships, corporate enterprises (limited liability corporations), associations
    • Preparation of surplus calculations for small undertakers and freelancers
    • BIBER: balance report for the calculation of profits in accordance with the
      BASEL II criteria

 Operational Tax Declaration

    • Sales tax (VAT) return with all documents
    • Trade tax
    • Corporation tax with all documents
    • Customs declaration (sparkling wine tax, firewater tax, etc.)
    • Uniform and separate assessment


    • Help with the application for interim aid (job centre) in connection with business set-ups
    • Examination for real-estate brokers and builders (MaBV professional rules
      and regulations for brokers and builders)
    • Commercial real estate business